Handblown Small Green Wave Bowl

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Surface waves occur in the upper layer of the ocean and usually result from wind. Some waves can travel thousands of miles before reaching land. They range in size from small ripples to monstrous rogue waves. Despite the great amount of energy produced by a wave, there is little actual forward motion of individual water particles in a wave. This piece mimics the wave beautifully.

All of the Jamestown Glasshouse produced pieces are hand-blown and crafted by local artisans. Since every piece is hand blown and crafted there will be slight irregularities and therefore no two items will be exactly the same.


  • Dimensions: 3 1/2'' tall and 6 1/2'' wide
  • Wash with only warm water and mild soap
  • Avoid extreme heat - ovens or dishwashers
  • All profits purchase go to the National Parks Service to support parks


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