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The Fallen Soldier Battle Cross Commemorative Sculpture

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The Fallen Soldier Battle Cross is a symbolic replacement for a cross given to a soldier killed in action. The memorial is made by standing the soldier’s boots upright, placing the rifle in between the boots with the bayonet in the ground, hanging the helmet from the rifle’s upright stock, and finally draping dog tags over the rifle. This practice originated during the American Civil War, lasting only four years, it exacted a death toll greater than the sum of subsequent wars in the nation’s history.

The Fallen Soldier Battle Cross in addition to paying respect to fallen soldiers, helped identify the estimated 750,000 military corpses died in a struggle to destroy slavery and reunite the United States nearly one hundred and fifty years ago. Though not part of an official military honorific, the tradition of erecting battlefield crosses remains, and is universally recognized as the site of a fallen soldier where people can pay their respects. 

Part of our Civil War Collection, the Fallen Soldier Battle Cross Commemorative Sculpture is dedicated to those who gave their lives protecting our nation until their dying breath.

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  • Many Civil War landmarks are maintained by the National Park Service
  • Sculpture is approximately 4’’ tall with a 2’’x2’’ base
  • Profits support the National Park Service

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