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The Battle of Monocacy: July 9, 1864

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It was the summer of 1864, and the Civil War was still raging. With General Ulysses S. Grant pursuing the Confederate army, General Robert E. Lee had to do something to relieve the pressure and came up with a strategy: He sent an invasion force into the North with the hope of attacking Washington, DC.

How did Lee's plan turn out? Did the invasion force make it to the capital? What was the Union response? Find out the answers to those questions and a lot more in this informative examination of what might be called the Confederacy's last big push and the resulting battle. Produced by the staff of the Monocacy National Battlefield, its battle maps, orders of battle, biographical information on soldiers involved in the battle, and historical detail provide a close-up of this battle that any Civil War buff should appreciate.

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  • Dimensions: 8'' W x 11'' H
  • Softcover, 48 pages, by Monocacy National Battlefield staff
  • Includes maps and black-and-white photos and illustrations
  • ISBN: 978-0-9845707-0-6

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