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Fort Pulaski National Monument Hiking Stick Medallion

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Fort Pulaski National Monument was the site of a monumental change in war technology. In 1862, a year after Confederates had taken the fort, Union soldiers laid siege to it. Using rifled cannons, a new advancement, Union soldiers were able to breach the walls of the fort with ease. The Siege of Fort Pulaski effectively made coastal fortresses obsolete.

Inside the black border bearing raised silver lettering, several union soldiers, identifiable by their standard blue uniforms, are preparing a rifled cannon to inflict serious damage on Fort Pulaski's walls on this unique Hiking Stick Medallion. 

Put this medallion on your hiking stick as a memento of your visit to Fort Pulaski National Monument and the surrounding protected marsh lands.

Product Details

  • 1 1/2'' circumference
  • Designed and finished in America


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