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Fort Stanwix Hiking Stick Medallion

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Fort Stanwix was the sight of an American victory during the Revolutionary War. Colonists took control of the fort and were quickly besieged by loyalists and British soldiers. After a clever ruse by Benedict Arnold, that siege was broken.

Folklore holds that Fort Stanwix is was the first place an American flag flew in battle. That legend is celebrated on this hiking stick medallion, which shows the flag flying high with the fort's guard tower visible to the left. That image is set against a pale blue background and the fort's details depicted in reflective gold.

For the fan of early American history, this medallion is a great gift. Add it to your collection or mount it to your hiking stick to let everyone know where you've been!

Product Details

  • Approx 1 1/2'' x 1 1/3''
  • Designed and finished in America


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