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Liberty Bell Collectible Pewter Lapel Pin

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The ideal of liberty has stood the test of time. From the American Revolution to World War II, the United States has fought stubbornly for that ideal in spite of the forces that opposed it. The history of the Liberty Bell symbolizes this unbeatable drive for freedom. It cracked when it was first rung in Philadelphia in 1753, but it was melted down and recast twice. Years later it cracked again but continued to ring. Even when it could no longer produce a sound, it remained as a symbol of liberty and unity, and today it continues that role on display at the Independence National Historical Park.

Continue to tell that story of unconquerable liberty in your own personal way with this collectible lapel pin. Made of pewter, its durability reminds us of the long-lasting ideal of freedom, while its depiction of the Liberty Bell with its famed crack calls to mind the forces that try to hinder it but fail.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 1'' W at base, 1⅛'' H
  • Made of pewter
  • Designed and finished in the USA

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