Slavery in the United States: A Brief Narrative History

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Slavery was brutal and dehumanizing, yet was a significant economic, political, and social factor in the first 250 years of the birth and growth of our nation. This handbook explores one of the ugliest chapters in American history with the intent to introduce the subject to readers and to encourage them to discover more on their own. There are dozens of National Park Service sites that preserve and interpret the story of slavery in America. Many sites depict how enslaved people did not accept their plight but developed their own culture in bondage and found ways to escape.

It has been a long and hard road from slavery to civil rights; a journey which is not yet complete. We invite you to read this history and to visit the parks that bring it to life.

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  • Soft cover, 64 pages
  • Produced by Eastern National
  • Printed in the USA


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