Fredericksburg Battlefield Hiking Stick Medallion

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The Battle of Fredericksburg was an unfortunate one-sided affair and an obvious Confederate victory. Lee's army held the high ground and, as a result, Union casualties were almost three times higher than Confederate casualties.

During the Battle of Fredericksburg, approximately 3000 Confederate sharpshooters hid behind a long stone wall constructed sometime during the early 19th century. This long wall, called The Sunken Road after the battle, is depicted on this hiking stick medallion with Confederate soldiers peeking behind it to fire at approaching Federals.

Grab this hiking stick medallion for your collection or place it on your travel companion to let everyone know you've visited the Sunken Road at the Fredericksburg Battlefield. It also makes a great gift for the civil war historian in your life!

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  • 1 3/4'' circumference


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