Stones River NB Hiking Medallion

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Our collectible hiking medallion displays the limestone rock formation now called the Slaughter Pen, and the cedar glades of Round Forest that make up Hell’s Half Acre along the Stones River where the Union amassed 58 cannons to force the commanding Confederate Army to retreat. In a three day long battle, the diverse lands of central Tennessee presented to be a foe as dangerous as former countrymen wearing opposing colors.

Using alternate blue and black text, our souvenir reads "Stones River National Battlefield Murfreesboro, TN," to commemorate the place where fallen heroes gave their lives in defense of their beliefs. Browse our Civil War Collection for more items like the Stones River National Battlefield Hiking Medallion dedicated to the Civil War and our nation’s struggle to endure as a nation free for all.

Product Details

  • Tour diverse Civil War battlefronts on your next outdoor trip at Stones River NB
  • Brass hiking stick medallion by Hogeye exclusively for eParks
  • Collectible hiking medallion approximately 1.5’’ x 1.75’’
  • Profits support the National Park Service


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