Junior Ranger Wild Wild Vest XL

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Explore the Parks in a Junior Ranger Activity Vest! 

Features: 9 pockets with Velcro and zippers to collect treasures and keep them safe, including a large pocket on the back.  The right pocket is embroidered with Junior Ranger.  Olive Green mesh vest is lightweight and machine washable.  This activity vest also comes with a compass and a wild creature that snaps on a pocket.

Being a Junior Park Ranger is an important job to explore, preserve and protect America's natural resources.

Available in 4 youth sizes

  • Small 4-6 (15W x16L)
  • Medium 6-8 (17W x 17L)
  • Large 8-14 (18W x 18L)
  • Extra Large 14-16 (20Wx20L)


Customer Reviews

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Junior Ranger Vest 12th Nov 2018

We love this vest! Very well made, sturdy zipper and the material is durable and easy to care for.

Our 7 year old son loves to put everything in his pockets whenever we are out walking/hiking. Added benefit is that he now wears one of his 3 vests to school because the two small pockets at the top fit his Cochlear Implant Processors (CI's) perfectly. He thinks that the Rangers put the pockets there because they knew he needed them for his CI's. Our son lost all of his hearing at 3 1/2 years old and wears his processors to hear, but having them clipped to the back of his shirt can get uncomfortable if he is moving around as they bounce as he moves.

Thank you!

— Sofia Menchaca

Wow and Wow!! 27th May 2018

Perfect in every way. Well made, lots and lots of pockets. Special snap on was extra special!

— Lesley Dykman

Junior Ranger Wild Wild Vest Small 20th Apr 2018

This is a great, well made vest for a reasonable price!! I purchased this for my grandson who is 4 and he loves it, I agree with a previous commenter that the size difference between a small and medium isn't much. The medium is an inch longer and 2" wider. I went back on forth on this and decided to go with the small. It was perfect.

— Debra McMenamin

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Well made 1st Nov 2017

This is a well-made vest that my grandson is really going to like. The size medium is not a whole lot bigger than the small so I would recommend, if you are unsure, going with the larger size so that they can wear it for a while.

— Michele Comana

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