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Chancellorsville Battlefield Collectible Magnet

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The loss of one of the Confederacy's most valuable Generals is depicted on this magnet. In the night of May 2, a friendly fire incident left Stonewall Jackson with three bullet wounds. In the confusion, his medical care was delayed and he later succumbed to pneumonia on May 10.

Save for the loss of Stonewall Jackson, Chancellorsville is regarded as Lee's perfect battle. The Confederate General divided his forces to flank a numerically superior army. It should have spelled disaster, but instead it was a humiliating defeat for the Union.

Pickup this magnet today, its hefty weight and shining golden outline are sure to catch your eye every time you go to the fridge!

Product Details

  • 2'' in diameter
  • Designed and finished in America


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Nice, 24th Jan 2020

Reviewer: Mark Greenhalgh

Lame, perhaps, but I collect magnets from National Parks and battlefields. I only go for solid, die-cut, gloss-enameled or otherwise non-kitschy magnets. This one is nice.

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