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Many Faces of Thomas Jefferson Coin & Currency Set

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President Thomas Jefferson's face has been immortalized in four different images on United States coinage. Jefferson first appeared on the nickel in 1938.  His image was designed by Felix Schlag.  Schlag's design appeared on the nickel until 2005. 

The Westward Journey series was minted in 2004-2005.  Only the reverse of the nickel was changed in 2004 but the obverse was also changed in 2005 to a new image designed by Joe Fitzgerald.  In 2006 the obverse was again changed, this time with a design by Jamie Franki which shows Jefferson facing forward. Jefferson's image is also on the Presidential Dollar. The Jefferson Presidential Dollar was minted in 2007. 

The Many Faces of Thomas Jefferson Coin and Currency is housed in a 6'' x 8'' portfolio and includes a Jefferson Nickel minted from 1938-2003, a Westward Journey Nickel minted in 2005, a Jefferson Nickel minted from 2006-present, a Jefferson Presidential Golden Dollar minted in 2007 and a $2 bill. The genuine $2 bill shows the reverse of Jefferson and the Signing of the Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull.  A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

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