Green Glass Teardrop Ornament

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Jamestown was one of the first permanent English settlements in the new world. In 1608, German and Polish colonists built a glass factory. Soon though, disease and starvation decimated the colonist population. The glass factory ultimately faltered, but not before sending a few proof-of-concept pieces back to Europe.

Each of these Glass Teardrops was uniquely blown using a reconstructed furnace in the actual Jamestown settlement with the same techniques those early colonists used. This is an opportunity to hold a piece of history in your hands!

This glass piece looks just as stunning hanging from your holiday tree as it does hanging in your garden or outside your window. A beautiful, historical, one-of-a-kind conversation-starter— what else could anyone want?

Product Details
  • Dimensions vary: approx. 2¾'' W at widest point, 6½'' H
  • Handblown glass
  • Made in the USA


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