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To Live and Die Amongst the Monongahela Hills

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In To Live and Die Amongst the Monongahela Hills: The Story of Albert Gallatin and Friendship Hill, Meridith A. Murray tells the tale of Albert Gallatin from birth to death. From pictures to real letters, this book covers all of Gallatin’s accomplishments and lasting impact: he served as a congressman, senator, and US ambassador, and he was the longest serving Secretary of the Treasury, lasting 13 years. Gallatin also helped write the Treaty of Ghent to end the War of 1812, and he helped create New York University. An accomplished man, Albert Gallatin died at the age of 88 and a half on August 12, 1849.

Product Details

  • Discover Albert Gallatin’s country home at Friendship Hill National Historic Site in Point Marion, Pennsylvania.
  • Handbook has 8.5'' height by 5.5'' length
  • Softcover, 46 pages
  • ISBN 1-888213-34-5
  • Printed in the USA

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