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National Geographic Kids - Everything World War 1

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Looking for an exciting and informative way to introduce kids to World War One? National Geographic Kids is here with a colorful and interesting exploration of the war and all the innovations and drastic changes that happened as a result.

Filled with awesome artwork, real-life photos, interesting facts, and more,  this book does a great job of explaining the details of the Great War. The causes, like the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and the secret alliances are covered. The major features of the war, like trenches, air and naval combat, and gassing are covered as well, with just enough gore-y details to keep kids interested!

National Geographic Kids Everything World War 1 is perfect for kids who can't stop reading, parents who want to give their young children a head start on next year's curriculum, or for teacher who want supplemental material for their classrooms. Pick up this amazing resource today!

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  • Softcover, 64 pages,
  • Dimensions: 9'' x 11''
  • ISBN: 9-781-426-317156

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