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Rosie The Riveter

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During World War II over 18 million women filled vacant positions across American industry as young men went off to war. These women opened new doors to future generations and changed American labor forever. The iconic image of Rosie the Riveter, with flexed arm and red bandana, served as an inspiration for America during the war and remains a potent symbol of the power and potential of American women, working together!

Get inspired with Rosie the Riveter, an award winning work of non fiction for young adults. With dozens of photos and poignant perspectives from some of the real life Rosies of the era, this is an engaging introduction to the important history of working women in America. Geared towards young readers, this is a great read for women and men of all ages!

Product Details

  • 116 pages, soft cover
  • By Penny Colman
  • Includes index, bibliography and chronology
  • Includes list of key facts and figures about women war workers
  • ISBN 9780517885673

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