A Guide to the Antietam Farmsteads

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Before the Battle of Antietam, Sharpsburg, Maryland was a simple city of farms and industries. But as with any village or town touched by war, Sharpsburg became well-known as the site of the Civil War’s bloodiest one day battle after the Battle of Antietam. But who lived on the farms before the war? What kinds of livestock were raised and what kind of produce was farmed? The people of Sharpsburg lived there a century before the war: what was life like?

Our book, A Guide to the Antietam Farmsteads, includes descriptions, maps, and photographs of the farms at Antietam and clearly illustrates the farms’ connections to the battle. Never before has a book gone so in depth about the farms of Sharpsburg, Maryland.

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  • Explore these farms at Antietam National Battlefield.
  • ISBN 978-0-9845707-1-3
  • 144 pages, softcover, dimensions: 8 x 11 inches
  • Made in the USA


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