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Old Timey Recipes

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A collection of recipes from some of the best cooks of the Carolinas, the Virginias, Tennessee and Kentucky. Included are almost century old recipes handed down through two or more generations.  In nearly all the recipes, the only ingredients needed are the basic items we usually keep on hand or are readily available.

You will find these ''old favorites'' call for simple, good quality ingredients such as butter, milk, common vegetables and meat.  Combined correctly, these ingredients will not need exotic spices, which might only hide the nuances of their own good flavors.


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Lots of Dessert Recipes!, 25th Dec 2018

Reviewer: Beverly Hardison

This is a small paperback cookbook. However, it is an interesting read. Everything is handwritten which makes it appealing. I only gave it 4 stars because I find most of the recipes to be more in the line of desserts, and not so much into the meal portions. Also, I wish there was more history as to the people who donated the recipes. Some give names, and dates, but the majority just lists names. That said, it is worth the $3.50 to discover the old timey recipes.

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