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You could call Isle Royale National Park a proving ground to test an outdoors enthusiast's mettle. You can't take your car or bicycle there, and you'll have to travel by water or plane, so you're going to have to leg it anywhere you go on the island. Canoeing and kayaking are options, though experience and skill are needed, as the waters on Lake Superior can be dangerous. If you don't believe that, you can find proof by scuba-diving and seeing the remains of numerous sunken ships in the chilling depths of the surrounding waters, the permanent resting place of unfortunate vessels.

Then, after you've put yourself to the test, award yourself with a small trophy—this lapel pin depicting one of the island lighthouses. Even if you don't take on the challenges of the Isle, it makes a nice gift for any fan of the national parks.

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  • Dimensions: 3/4'' W x 1 1/4'' H


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Love this little park! 8th Nov 2017

I need to see the WATER in this version of Isle Royale. Or maybe a kayak or canoe? A backpacker? Definitely one of the 900 moose or one of the less than 8 wolves remaining. Yes the lighthouse is there on one of the smaller islands, but that's not what's in my memory of any of 5 visits here. I bought it anyway, but....

— Cathy Miller-Temme

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