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Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Pin

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The name of the park gives away this park's main attractions: volcanoes! There are plenty of thrills here for both the volcano buff and the merely curious, including walking through lava tubes; observing the orange glow of the lava lake at Kilauea Volcano, which still spews out molten rock to this day; or driving down Crater Rim Drive to see the Steam Vents and Sulphur Banks.

Help support this unique and fascinating national park by purchasing this pin. Like all our lapel pins, this one features the name of the park along with an illustration of a park scene.

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  • Dimensions: 3/4'' W x 1 1/4'' H


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Another great piece w/ details, 8th Nov 2017

Reviewer: Cathy Miller-Temme

I can see the steam coming off the water as the orange lava pours into the ocean enlarging land's footprint here.
Brings back nighttime memories of this place.

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