Vietnam Women's Memorial Magnet

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Women served in many vital roles during the Vietnam era. Many were nurses who provided care and comfort to wounded soldiers while in high-stress and dangerous situations. It was not uncommon for these brave women to work around the non-stop, around the clock, to save the lives of American service men. 

This magnet shows three women: One kneeling, reflecting on the horrors of war; another comforting a dying soldier; and a third woman looking up towards the sky, waiting for a helicopter. This magnet is based on the actual memorial sculpture by Glenna Goodacre.

The Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation seeks to educate the country about the services provided by women during the Vietnam Era and promote healing and hope. Your purchase of this magnet helps honor and support those goals.

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  • Made in America
  • Dimensions: 3 ⅛'' x 2 ⅛''


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Vietnam Womans Memorial Magent 18th May 2022

I have visited the Vietnam Wall and am very impressed with the magent.

— William Roach

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