Grand Canyon National Park Walking Stick Medallion

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The Grand Canyon, often remarked as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, filled President Theodore Roosevelt with awe when he first saw it. If you've ever been to Grand Canyon National Park we're sure you've experienced the same.

This Walking Stick Medallion will spruce up your walking or hiking stick and is the perfect companion for an adventure at Grand Canyon National Park. This medallion is gorgeous, displaying the Canyon and Colorado River in brilliant red, green, brown, and purples— evoking the geological history of the region.

Product Details
  • Approx 1.25'' x 1.5''
  • Nails for easy mounting included


Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Life is a journey, not a destination 21st Feb 2022

They were out of these when I visited.

— Michael Clancey

Difficult to mount 29th Jul 2018

The medallion is fantastic. Bold colors, light weight, quality.

Unfortunately it come with very small brass tacks to mount it. If your walking stick is made of a hard wood or has a hard finish it will require pre-drilling or the tacks will get all bent up before they perpetrate the wood.

Otherwise I happy with the product.

— Everett Mundkowsky

Love it! 9th May 2018

Looks great on my hiking stick. Nice size, good detail, great colors.

— Staci Wood

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