Women's Suffrage Jailhouse Door Pin

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In the early 1900s Alice Paul was imprisoned during a protest for suffrage, and upon release the suffrage organizers gave her a jail door pin to recognize her commitment. In 1917, after a group of American suffragists picketed the White House and participants were jailed, Alice Paul created a pin similar to her own to present to the 89 suffragists who were arrested. You can wear a jail door pin just like the one worn by the suffragists as a proud symbol of women's fight for equal rights.

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  • Approx. 1 3/16'' x 11/16''
  • Made in USA


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Lovely! 7th Sep 2020

This was backordered when I went to purchase it, so I left my contact for notice and just a couple days later I got the email prompting me to order. It came quickly via our USPS and was well packaged. It is so nice and useful and easy to get on and off! I really love it and am happy to recommend it for both women and men!

— Merrie Neely

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Very cool and timely item 10th Apr 2019

This product is very well made and attractive. Affordable too. It's quite the conversation starter, which is a great way to talk about the upcoming 100th anniversary of women's suffrage! Thanks Eastern National!

— Karie Diethorn

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