CWS The Second Battle of Manassas

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The Second Battle of Manassas, also called The Second Battle of Bull Run, was a Confederate victory—and a blow to Union morale—fought on the same ground as the First Battle of Manassas a little more than a year earlier.

Eastern National, with the help of the interpretive staff at Manassas National Battlefield Park, is proud to present this newly updated edition of The Second Battle of Manassas from their Civil War Series!

This updated version includes new pictures, detailed maps that display troop movements for each stage of the battle, and engaging text that relates the battle to you in a tight narrative structure. This book provides a concise and comprehensive overview of The Second Battle of Manassas!

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  • Softcover, 48 pages
  • Printed in the U.S.A.


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Well Done 27th May 2021

A good book to use to awaken a young person’s interest in the Civil War.

— Joseph Jurdana


Excellent book, highly informative, greatly detailed, highly recommend.

— Lee Rosenzweig

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