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Mount Rushmore National Memorial Trekking Pole Decal

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Originally conceived as an idea to boost local tourism to the Black Hill's region, Mount Rushmore was meant to have local heroes like Red Cloud and Lewis and Clark, but, during the process of getting approval, the focus became national.

The busts of four of America's greatest presidents, selected for their leadership in preserving the union and expanding the nation’s territory, were carved into the mountain between 1927 and 1941. On this decal, the faces of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln are represented in shades of grey and white, while the surrounding landscape and sky are a vivid green and blue respectively.

Collect this and other decals to show your friends, family, and fellow hikers where you've been. This durable vinyl decal isn't just for your trekking pole; it also sticks to glass and metal easily.

Product Details

  • Both artwork and park description are peel-away decals
  • Approx 1 5/8'' x 1 3/8'' at widest point
  • Printed in America


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