Grand Canyon National Park Triple Decal

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One of 23 World Heritage sites in the United States, the Grand Canyon earns it's name by any unit of measurement.  Ten miles wide and a mile deep, the walls of the canyon reveal nearly 2 million years of the earth's history. Yet, none of these impressive statistics can capture the feeling of seeing it for the first time.

Remember your first experience at Grand Canyon National Park with this collectable set of 3 decals.  The large oval ''GRCA'' is the official abbreviation for the park. The smaller decals represent scenes from the canyon: a soaring vulture and the Colorado River.

Product Details

  • Large decal dimensions 5.5'' x 3.25''
  • Small decal dimensions 2.6'' x 1.6'' ea.
  • Made in USA


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Great decal set 3rd Feb 2021

Great set of decals that will let everyone following that this NP was visited by the camper and truck.

— John Lambert

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