Lincoln Memorial Mini Building Blocks

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Did you know it took 8 years to build the Lincoln Memorial? Luckily it won't take that long to build our 393 mini block model with interlocking nanno building blocks. Channel your inner engineer as you piece together a tiny version of one of the country's most iconic memorials. Choose to utilize your included blue prints (assembly instructions) or challenge yourself to build from memory!

Product Details

  • Box: 3.5'' x 3.5'' x 3.5''
  • Completed structure: 4.5'' x 3'' x 2.5''
  • 393 pieces, ages 7+


Customer Reviews

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Highly Accurate 19th Jun 2021

I find this little model, purchased at the Lincoln Memorial, to be impressive with its accuracy, looking better than some other block models I've seen. But there's more. The actual Memorial has roof panels made of a thin slate which admit natural lighting to the interior. This model has clear plastic pieces in the roof. If you put the model under a lamp in a dim room, the lamp light will go through the clear pieces and illuminate the interior in a way that satisfyingly replicates the orignal. This isn't mentioned in the description here, but it should be :)

— Scott Holder

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Looks great 8th Jun 2021

I wish the instructions had listed the number of blocks needed for each step like some of the other kits. As this is one of my favorite places I have visited, I love having it on my shelf.

— Jennifer Thompson

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Good beginners kit 14th Jul 2020

An easy, quick model that results in a fine looking final product. Highly recommended for the younger and less experienced builder.

— Michael Bowles

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Great Hobby 6th Sep 2018

I was first exposed to these mini blocks when I purchased like items at the Smithsonian in early August. It launched a fun and relaxing hobby for me. I'm a disabled veteran who is bound by oxygen tubing and debilitating diseases. The Lincoln Memorial mini blocks just continued a build that I did containing several of the D.C. buildings and sent me into a mode of building other countries buildings. So if you're looking for a great blocks would do it for you and the Lincoln Memorial would be a great start.

— Scott Harper

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