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Belmont-Paul Women's Equality Patch

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Have you heard of the Silent Sentinels? In 1917, for six days a week, over a span of two years, brave members of the National Women's Party, led by Alice Paul, stood in silent protest outside the White House demanding voting rights for women. The protest ended in June of 1919 when the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote, was passed by both houses of congress.

Accessorize to inspire with this Belmont-Paul Women's Equality patch! This colorful patch depicts the stained glass window above the door to the Belmont House, headquarters of the National Women's Party. Iron-on application makes it easy to add this patch to your favorite jacket or bag.

Product Details:

  • 4'' x 2 1/4''
  • Iron-on or sew to apply


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Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality Patch, 10th Jun 2019

Reviewer: Mary Lisa Carenza Keenan

Beautiful high quality patch! I’m hanging this one on my NPS Christmas tree!

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