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CWS The Petersburg Campaign

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At nine and a half months the siege of Petersburg, Virginia was the longest campaign of the civil war.  The events at Petersburg precipitated the fall of Richmond, and soon after, the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse. Though not as well known as some other civil war campaigns, the importance of Petersburg cannot be overstated.

Part of Eastern National’s popular Civil War Series, The Petersburg Campaign introduces readers to this critical moment in the war. Award winning historian Noah Andre Trudeau details the siege in a style that is accessible and interesting to readers of any background. This book is essential reading for anyone seeking a deeper understand the American civil war.

Product Details

  • Written by Noah Andre Trudeau
  • Original maps by George Skoch
  • Softcover, 44 pages
  • Published by Eastern National. Copyright, 2017.
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Reviewer: Lee Rosenzweig

Excellent book, highly informative, greatly detailed, highly recommend.

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