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Smokey Bear Tin Poster

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Everyone knows Smokey Bear and his famous phrase: Only you can prevent wildfires. Ever wonder why the ubiquitous ursine mascot is always depicted carrying a shovel? This is to encourage campers in national forests and parks to put out their campfires by shoveling dirt on them!

Show off your leave-no-trace ethos with this classic Smokey Bear poster. Reminiscent of the old Uncle Sam posters, this rendition of Smokey, bordered in red white and blue, is recruiting YOU to the cause of fire prevention. Put it in your favorite room today!

Product Details

  • Size: 12’’ x 17.5’’
  • Collectible
  • Material: Tin

Customer Reviews

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Excellent sign, 6th Sep 2019

Reviewer: Samuel Morse

Great product. Has 4 holes for mounting, which is nice. A little thin, so bends easily, but once mounted on a solid, flat surface, it should not be a problem.

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