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From hometown historic sites to iconic national parks, the National Park Service preserves important natural, historic, and cultural treasures in every state in the USA. Use this zip case to help keep your Passport looking new as you explore and ''get stamped'' at more than 400 of America's most spectacular and significant places!

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Zip case 6th Sep 2021

Really nice case. That being said, if you have a leather cover on your passport, and any volume to it, you will literally have to stuff it in, with it being tight , the zipper is also tight.
So, if you have no cover, and no added pages, it works fine! The regions printed on the outside is convenient for reference while traveling. Great idea to keep the passport safe while traveling.

— Joel Ratliff

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Perfect Little Pouch! 17th Aug 2021

I got this pouch in order to protect my passport from getting too beat up in my purse or backpack while I traveled, but it came in handy for so many things! I stored my COVID Vaccine card in with my passport because it's too big to fit in my wallet. I also used the pouch to hold the postcards, stickers, pins, and other small souvenirs that I got at the visitor centers and park stores so I didn't have to either get a bag or let them get damaged in my backpack or purse. Very useful pouch and would recommend to anyone with the small passport!

— Taylor Lawrence

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Handy protection for passport 22nd Jul 2021

Great way to protect for your passport in your backpack as you hike around the national parks. Big enough to hold a pen and an expanded passport.

— Sara Donnelly

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Great pouch 2nd Jan 2021

I have two books that are in different stages of completion so I was hoping both would fit inside this pouch. They do, with plenty of room to spare.

— Janis Jasper

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Keeps things together 18th Feb 2020

I needed a way to keep my pen with my other Passport materials. This zip bag is so handy and a convenient size to do just that.

— Susan De Antonio

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Great 17th Feb 2020

I ordered this case as a way to protect my and my partner's NPS passports. The gold writing was rubbing off of his from spending time in his back pocket and mine was getting rough pages from bouncing around in my bag. This pouch fits both together conveniently- I only wish it was just a teensy bit longer so they could fit side by side rather than stacked! For a single passport, it's plenty roomy and a great place to store any postcards you buy or any pamphlets or maps you collect. Seeing the regions on the outside is also a nice quick reference.

— Snow Hernandez

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Passport Zip Case 8th Jan 2020

I bought this case as a Christmas gift for 2019 for my Big sis to use to store her passport book in. I am going to buy myself one next to store stickers and stamps in. I have the explorer binder but sometimes I want to carry something smaller in my backpack as I tour the National Parks. The binder is so heavy as mine is filled with so many gems and I don't want it to get wrecked while hiking around. The smaller case can carry what I need for a day trip or two instead of taking entire binder with me. The case is sturdy I only gave 4 stars as the zipper is good but could be designed better stinger. For the price it is a good buy as the leather covers are a little pricey.

— Pam Hughes

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Does exactly what it says it does. 10th Nov 2019

After Son Number One's passport got wet on our last expedition I decided to pick on of these up for testin and evaluation.

I haven't used it hard yet. My concern with these bags is typically the zipper. If the zipper blows out I will reevaluate.

— Robert Smith

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Passport Zip Case 20th Sep 2019

It's perfect and very roomy, I keep two books in it when traveling and I don't have to worry about the pages getting wet or messed up. I wish I had bought it sooner.

— Maria Benjamin

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Bigger then expected! 6th Aug 2019

This bag is awesome! Not only can I keep my passport in it, but also my penny collecting books fit too!! It's worth every penny!!

— Rachael Hugo

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Perfect for my daughter's passport 26th Jul 2019

This case nice and sturdy, and perfect for my 9 year old daughter's passport. It protects well, and she can easily find it amongst her other things in her backpack. It's nice and colourful and she loves the map on the outside. Definitely recommend for anyone that has the passport. Great buy!

— Natalie Delorme

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Great replacement 24th Jan 2019

I was looking for something more substantial than my trusty zip lock bag to hold my passport while traveling. The zip case is just that. It is sturdy enough to keep my passport in good shape while it's stuffed in my backpack and colorful enough to be found easily amongst all goodies it shares space with. I liked it so well that I bought extras for my son in law and a friend who enjoys getting stamped as much as I do. They will make useful, fun gifts!

— Deborah Flynn

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