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Passport Mini Puzzle

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There's nothing like a park cancellation early in the morning! Most NPS visitor centers open their doors at 9am or 10am, but you can pass the time while you wait to ''Get Stamped'' with this fun Passport mini puzzle. It depicts the color coded regional map that accompanies each Passport To Your National Parks.

Product Details
  • 140 pieces
  • 5'' x 7'' completed
  • Pocket size carrying case
  • Depicts US state map color coded by Passport region
  • Choking hazard -- not for small children
  • Find more from the Passport To Your National Parks Collection HERE

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Passport Mini Puzzle, 23rd Aug 2019

Reviewer: Melissa Bradford

This is a great idea for travel. Just the right size for in your suitcase. I like the regional map for Passport stamping. The only problem is that it is hard to put together because the pieces don't stay together well.

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