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Passport To Your National Parks® Classic Leather Cover

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When you're a dedicated national park explorer your Passport To Your National Parks® Classic Edition is sure to show some wear. With every rugged hike, every late night by the campfire, and every step through historic grounds and hallowed halls, your Passport will need some extra care as you fill its pages with park cancellations. Now there's a way to keep your beloved book in prime stamping condition.

Spruce up your trusty travel companion with a new Passport To Your National Parks® Classic Edition Leather Cover.  Sourced, tanned, cut and stitched in the USA, this top-grain leather is cut to fit the Passport Classic Edition. Your book will look better with every cancellation you collect!

Product Details

  • Dimensions w/book-- 4 5/8'' x 6 5/8''
  • Made and Sourced in USA
  • Top-grain leather
  • Avoid leaving in direct sunlight for long periods
  • Find more from the Passport To Your National Parks® Collection HERE

Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Nice upgrade, 20th Dec 2019

Reviewer: Melanie Bolin

Nice upgrade for my “antique” passport. Great quality and fit.

Spendy but nice... treat yourself!, 20th Dec 2019

Reviewer: Zach Marsh

A touch of class to be sure!! You certainly will stand out among those at the stamp station... Classic leather look, feel and aroma. Not sure but the inside flaps to hold the passport covers in place appear to be faux leather, but the actual cover is thick leather. The edge stitching is actual stitching not just embossed. The embossed logos are deep and distinct but pretty subtle... maybe too subtle. It does add to the overall size and bulk of the passport but like a good leather wallet it should become more supple with the edges curling and forming to a pocket, purse or tight pack pouch.

Perfect Cover, 26th Sep 2019

Reviewer: Jean Dillon

I have this to protect my book in style. My husband has three passports that he has collected over 40 years, so it is easy to find and easy on the eyes. A little luxury to be sure, but I love it.

Great purchase, 27th Dec 2018

Reviewer: Mike Hilderbrand

Love it. Great protection and adds a big touch of class to the passport book. Love the PARK STORE!!!

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Nice Protection of Aging Passpport, 17th Sep 2018

Reviewer: Stacey Smith

This cover provides nice protection of a 20-year-old passport book. It also looks nice. It's a tiny bit too large for the passport, and the book shifts inside, causing one side to often slip out of the cover. I would purchase again.

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