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We've all been there... you just had a life-changing national park experience, now you're ready for your official park cancellation. But wait... where's your Passport? Don't worry! Even when you forget your book, the five stampable sticker sets from Passport To Your National Parks® have got you covered!  

Each round sticker is a perfect fit for an official park cancellation and adheres neatly to your book. They're also great to have on hand if you want an extra stamp to send to a park-loving friend!

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Product Details
  • Smudge-resistant paper
  • Three stickers per set
  • Fit in all Passport editions
When you participate in the Passport To Your National Parks® program, you help support America’s national parks. All net proceeds from the program are donated to support vital educational and interpretive programs at sites managed by the National Park Service.

Customer Reviews

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Passport To Your National Parks® Stampable Sticker Sets, 9th May 2022

Reviewer: Vicky Jaeger

I have found these to be very handy when I have put the stamp in the wrong spot!! These cover up my error! They are light and easy to carry if I don't want to bring in my bib Passport book.

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Stampable Stickers - Brilliant Idea, 4th Sep 2021

Reviewer: Jacqui Travis

Stampable stickers are a brilliant idea and long overdue! I originally found these when I took my grandkids to Jimmy Carter NHS and Andersonville NHS, and they forgot their passport books. These are so much easier and neater than having to stamp scraps of paper. We are huge national parks enthusiasts and plan our trips around what parks we can visit. I keep a packet of these stickers in the car now, just in case.

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Stampable Sticker Sets, 21st May 2020

Reviewer: Cynthia Butler

We purchased a set of these at the Flight 93 Memorial last year when we didn't have our passport book with us. It was very handy to have them stamped there and then placed in the passport book later. So I decided to order a few more sets to keep in the car. I like the idea of carrying these instead of the book when we travel. They provide a very nice appearance when placed in the book.

Awesome Passport Stickers for Passport stamps, 8th Jan 2020

Reviewer: Pam Hughes

I bought 3 packages and plan to buy more these make great gifts for friends who have the passport book. I gave two out for Christmas 2019 and saved one for me now I need to buy myself more. They work great for when you forget your book or don't want to carry around the big binder Explorer book that I have. Often I visit a park where they have run out of paper or I need more paper for friends to have stamped. I don't have to carry paper and then glue or tape my scrap of paper in the book if I forget to bring along my binder. Best of all these work great in my Lighthouse Passport book which I carry with my Explorer Parks book, two for one is great. Good quality and nicely packaged to carry with me whenever I travel. Great idea love these. Good price too.

Simple Convenient and Excellent for Traveling, 24th Dec 2019

Reviewer: Keith Kirk

I travel —- a LOT. (65000 air miles plus annually for past five years). Don’t always get to check if parks/sites are nearby. But, I try to find them during the flight...or if I randomly drive by something I hadn’t thought to check...and have time....I pull out my stickers, walk in, walk around, see the sites....and I’m set. Doesn’t work for the masterpiece places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon etc.....but there are hundreds of places that fit my description. And these stickers make those so much easier to do.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

Good to have, 16th Dec 2019

Reviewer: Janet Vaughn

Its nice to have these stickers as not all sites have paper available to stamp. I can get a stamp and then add it to my book later.

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

Great Idea, 11th Dec 2019

Reviewer: Randy Ayres

Only recently found out about these. Perfect.

4 of 4 people found this review useful:

Great for getting stamps from places you've already visited, 9th Dec 2019

Reviewer: Alice Delpizzo

I had visited a lot of parks before I got my passport book, and knew I wouldn't be back. I just sent stickers with a SASE to the rangers there and they stamped them and sent them back to me with the actual date I had been there.

4 of 4 people found this review useful:

The Perfect Solution, 4th Dec 2019

Reviewer: Kathleen Ames

We visited several National Parks and historical sites before discovering the National Parks Passport. These stickers allowed me to send away for cancellations to the places we'd recently visited. And the response to my requests was very prompt.

2 of 2 people found this review useful:

Best way to get stamps, 13th Sep 2019

Reviewer: Gary Brooks

If you are like me, prone to losing things, then these are the best way to go. You can leave your passport book home where you won't lose it, and with these stickers you can try a second stamp if you blow the first one. They have worked great for me through many National Park visits.

4 of 4 people found this review useful:

Spot On, 19th Jul 2019

Reviewer: Deborah Flynn

Love the sets of stickers! My kids brought me stamps to add to my book from NP sites I had visited before I got my passport book. Loved that. We recently traveled to Boston where it rained like crazy. I used the stickers to collect my stamps and left my passport (on purpose this time) in the nice, dry hotel room. Loved the previous comment about using them to cover up mistakes. Sometimes when I stamp, the image doesn't come out complete or clear enough - slap on a re-stamped sticker - perfection. These are a great addition to other passport products!

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Scrapbooking Passport Stamps, 27th Jun 2019

Reviewer: Myrna Cannon

I am a scrapbooker and making a road trip this summer with a friend. These will be the Passport Stickers that go into each of our scrapbooks about our trip. Was excited to see these as they will be easy to carry in our Passport Books so we can get multiple stamps in each park we visit.

Myrna Cannon

Passport, 24th Jun 2019

Reviewer: Belinda Halverson

Very helpful

3 of 3 people found this review useful:

Passport To Your National Parks® Stampable Sticker Sets, 13th May 2019

Reviewer: Kathlena Anderson

When I would forget my passport book l would have to hunt down a piece of paper to stamp. With these stickers I can put them in my wallet and I'm ready to get my stamp!

2 of 2 people found this review useful:


Reviewer: Dawn Gillespie

These sticker sets are a life saver!! We went to a National Park recently and I forgot to look at my book before going. When we got to the park I realized my pages were full and I didn't bring the refill pages I recently bought (another great invention) with me. I whipped out my wallet and pulled out my stickers and tada, problem solved. I will say the new stickers are much better than the first version which I had. The first version didn't have the blue edges and it was hard to tell where the sticker was when stamping. A must have item to carry in your wallet if you happen to stumble upon a park and don't have your book with you.

2 of 2 people found this review useful:

Stampable Stickers, 2nd Apr 2019

Reviewer: Deborah Nortunen

Fantastic idea! Easy to pack if you don't want to tote the passport book. Love it!!

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Stampable Passport Stickers, 25th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Keith MacRae

These stickers work great if you ever leave your passport book at home. I carry them at all times in my vehicle. They also work great if you mess up stamping your book, you can use these to cover up your mistake. I've also given some packs to my children as they all collect National Park cancellation stamps too. Great idea!!!

2 of 2 people found this review useful:

Stampable Sticker Sets, 27th Dec 2018

Reviewer: Janice Lorge

Was very happy to have the new sticker sets with the circles only white! Much easier to use and find the white circle to place stamp in middle. These are very handy to take along without your passport book!

3 of 3 people found this review useful:

Ingenious idea, 8th Sep 2018

Reviewer: Maggie Findlay

I've been used to toting my passport around or having to use tiny slips of paper to stamp. Neither is preferable as the passport is huge, and the paper can easily get crumpled up. This keeps me from having to do either. The only complaint I have is that each set only has 3 stickers.

4 of 4 people found this review useful:

Came in handy!, 17th Jul 2018

Reviewer: Audra Dobrovenschi

These are great to have. The week I got them in the mail, we headed to a NHP and wouldn’t you brain was in full force. I forgot our little girls junior ranger book. These saved the day. I also got one stamped for myself, then the next day ordered my own passport.

4 of 5 people found this review useful:

Stampable Sticker Ste, 28th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Miguel Santibanez

Wonderful idea! No longer have to lug big book around.

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