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Commemorative Glass Onion Bottle

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This Piece is a Historical Reproduction

Get ready for a taste of traditional tavern life in Colonial times with our stunning Cobalt Glass Onion Bottle! Named for its bulbous, onion shaped body, onion bottles were the result of tavern owners need for a more stable bottle, less prone to breakage. With a broad base, globular round body, and short neck, the onion bottle was exactly what the bartender ordered.

A historical reproduction—this item pays homage to an artifact dating back to 17th century Colonial USA with the traditional seal emblazoned on the front. Individually hand blown with cobalt to give it a modern, blue flair, use either as a container for spirits, or a voluptuous vase to make your floral arrangement bloom vividly on your windowsill or table. 


  • Approximately 8'' tall
  • Approximately 1.5'' diameter
  • Holds approximately 56 ounces of liquid
  • Made in the USA
  • Profits support the National Parks Service
  • Wash with warm water
  • Do not put this item in a dishwasher or oven. It is temperature sensitive.

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