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Suffrage Cat Plush Doll

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Celebrate your right to vote with the Suffrage Cat plush doll. This doll is based off an anti-suffrage poster used during the Women's Suffrage Movement in the 1910s. The Suffrage Cat is the source of everything from the idea of the cat lady to a woman acting catty. The comparison of a woman to a cat was to show not only a woman's delicacy and passivity, but to illustrate the ridiculousness of a woman voting being on par with a cat voting. Suffragists took back the power of the symbol in 1916 when Alice Burke and Nell Richardson went on a cross-country tour to promote the movement with a black kitten they named Saxon. They also began illustrating their own cartoons with the Suffrage Cat. Honor the suffragists, cat ladies, and independent women that came before with this historical and fun plush doll.

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  • Size: 9 H x 6 W

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Suffrage cat plush doll, 23rd Nov 2020

Reviewer: Teresa Perkins

Love this adorable kitty. It accompanied me to Alice Paul's home and gravesite on Election Day. Quite a conversation piece! Also, "Saxon" is very cuddly and is the next best thing to having a real lap

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