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Everyone who's ever stamped their Passport knows that the official park cancellation is much more than ink on a page. Each stamp captures the memories of a unique and meaningful experience at one of more than 400 national parks across the USA. But what do you do when your Passport is full and there's so much more to see?

Keep stamping with the new Expander Pack for the Passport Collector's Edition!  Each pack comes with 10 easy to attach sheets with space for dozens of future cancellations. Add new park experiences to a well traveled Passport!

Product Details
  • Easy to insert - no adhesives or tools required
  • 7 sheets (14 pages) can hold up to 112 additional Regional Stamps
  • 1 sheet (2 pages) can hold up to 8 additional National Stamps
  • 2 sheets (4 pages) can hold over 100 additional national park ink cancellations
  • Dimensions: 7'' x 10''
  • Made in the USA


Customer Reviews

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Wish list 2nd Aug 2023

I would like to see an updated Park Checklist pack. There are so many new sites that are not on my checklist pages.

— Judy O'Neill

Expander 12th Jul 2023

So glad these are available.

— Doris J Modrak Modrak

Best thing ever! 23rd Jun 2023

I'm enjoying these so much! I got 50 news stamps over the past few weeks and reallly needed the space!

— Christina Tran

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Great addition 14th Oct 2022

We traveled to 26 National Parks and Monuments in September. I needed more space for stamps, a Park Ranger suggested purchasing the larger book. Awesome; however, I “still” needed more stamp space so when I had seen these extra pages were available I ordered them. I was able to put stamps on paper, cut them out, and glue them onto these pages. Suggestion though …add a few more empty pages in each regional category in the big book, I wouldn’t have minded paying a little extra. Thank you for making these papers available to purchase.

— Ramona McNamee

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Finally more pages! 3rd Sep 2022

I've tried many solutions to my too-many-stamps problem. Glad they finally put out these pages, but I do wish there were more pages for cancellations....two only covers up to two sections if you are like me and don't want to combine regions on the same page. I would love it if they put out a binder for these strange punched pages for when the expansions get too big. Overall happy with these pages, just wish there were more in the pack of the cancellation pages.

— Jennifer Queen

So happy this exists! 8th Feb 2022

I was so thrilled when I saw this pack. We went to DC and filled up so much room so being able to add to this section was a must!

— Crystal Anderson

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Expander Pack 2nd Sep 2021

Needed to continue additional cancellations.

— Al Petrucciello

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

Passport Expander 19th Aug 2021

Must have to continue collecting.
Have fun and keep stamping!

— Michael Grinstead

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