Passport To Your National Parks® Collector's Leather Cover

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When you're a dedicated national park explorer your Passport To Your National Parks® Collector's Edition is sure to show some wear. With every rugged hike, every late night by the campfire, and every step through historic grounds and hallowed halls, your Passport will need some extra care as you fill its pages with park cancellations. Now there's a way to keep your beloved book in prime stamping condition.

Spruce up your trusty travel companion with a new Passport To Your National Parks® Collector's Edition Leather Cover.  Sourced, tanned, cut and stitched in the USA, this top-grain leather is cut to fit the Passport Collector's Edition. Your book will look better with every cancellation you collect!

Product Details
  • Made and Sourced in USA
  • Top-grain leather
  • Avoid leaving in direct sunlight for long periods
  • Find more from the Passport To Your National Parks® Collection HERE


Customer Reviews

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great 4th Nov 2022


— Brandie Steen

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Passport Leather Cover 19th Sep 2022

Excellent product to protect your Collector's Edition Passport. Looks good and protects your hard work.

— Thomas Nettles

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Stylish & functional protection 1st Aug 2022

This leather cover adds stylish & functional protection to our Passport book! The price is a little high, but considering this purchase continues to help fund the National Park System it is well worth it! If you’re a true NPS “Geek”, you will appreciate the extra flair and refinement from this eye-catching cover as you stroll up to the cancellation counter!

— Brandon Sims

Just what the doctor ordered 4th Jul 2022

Our book has been through all lower 48 states and I’ve been concerned about the wear and tear. This leather cover is exactly what we’ve been looking for. It’s beautiful now and will look even better as the years go by.

— Karen Sullivan

Top quality leather & perfect fit! 21st Jun 2022

I’m so glad this was finally added to the store. For years I (and I’m sure others) had been asking for this and they finally listened to their customers. It’s great quality leather and fits perfectly, even a big snug. So it won’t be taken easily off, which is great. It does a great job protecting the book. We got one for each of the 3 kids and now the one we have on our book (older from Etsy) isn’t anywhere as nice. Love the tab that secures it. I give this 5 stars - excellent. You should buy one to protect your book.

— Wesley Herman

So nice! 21st Jun 2022

We’ve had our passport book for years so it’s definitely seen better days. I had been waiting for this to come back into stock and it was worth the wait! Very nicely made and great quality. This will add years to our passport book cover for sure!

— Jess Leal

Love My Leather Cover! 17th Jun 2022

As an avid Passport Collector, I was frustrated that I could never find a worthy leather cover without getting something custom - which would have been cost-prohibitive. I have actually been looking for this exact item for over three years. Then, shazam, this wonderful cover pops up in the ANP store and I treated myself to a birthday present.

It's wonderful and fits perfectly! I love showing my friends and family all of my stamps in this super-classy, leather-bound Collector book. Grab one fast! You won't regret it!

— Jim Stritzinger

Tough, beautiful cover for our book 6th Jun 2022

We’ve traveled with our “Collector’s Edition” for 5 years over many thousand miles, through all of the lower 48 states. Our book cover was dog-eared and I had wanted a nice cover for it. When this came out I ordered it right away. It’s beautiful and practical: a thick, tough, gorgeous leather cover that protects and enhances our book. We’re very happy with our purchase.

— Karen Sullivan

Passport Cover 4th Jun 2022

These are great; they are super helpful in protecting these books

— Peter Igoe

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FINALLY! Great protection for the Collectors Edition! 2nd Jun 2022

I am a avid Passport Stamp Collector! After filling 2 smaller Passports, I invested in the larger Collectors Edition for the long haul. I was concerned about the wear and tear on the book as I visit many National Parks and was overjoyed to see this leather cover! No more plastic sleeves! No more canvas bags! The new leather cover fits snuggly and is beautiful. It will only become more beautiful with use! The leather closure keeps the pages flat and there is a pen/pencil holder as well. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

— Sarah Hunter

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

Great 14th May 2022

Love this place

— Leslie McClammy

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