Passport Pullover Half-Zip Fleece

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Passport To Your National Parks® official park cancellations are so much more than ink on a page! It’s breathtaking scenery, it’s the thrill of an outdoor adventure, it’s the reverence of exploring historic spaces, it’s the empowerment of discovering a new perspective on history...It's your national parks!

Celebrate the art of the park stamp with a Passport To Your National Parks® Pullover Half-Zip Fleece! These comfortable sweatshirts show a stylish interpretation of the classic cancellation design and will keep you nice and warm on even the coldest days on the trails. Wear one the next time you ''Get Stamped'' at a national park!


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Great fit and warm; just what I need for NH winters. Can't believe how quickly they ship and the product arrives. Love supporting the NPS and having some new clothes at the same time.

— Donna Kelley

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