James Forten "Letters From a Man of Color" Print

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Jame Forten wrote five letters in response to the Pennsylvania bill trying to stop the emigration of people of color into the state, arguing that Pennsylvania has been a refuge for freed slaves and that all men have unalienable rights set forth in the Declaration of Independence, which are protected by the Constitution. Ge this historic print with a quote from one of the famous letters to honor this great man.

Product Details
  • Each of these items is a one of a kind, hand made print created on an authentic reproduction of Ben Franklin’s printing press at the Franklin Court Printing Office in Philadelphia.
  • Each letter is hand set into the reproduction composing sticks, then ink is applied by hand with reproductions beaters. Finally, the paper is loaded under the type set and a lever is pulled to create the print. Each print is hung to dry before making its way to customers.
  • Take home a unique piece of history. Due to the one of a kind nature of this item, some variation may occur.
  • Watch the Printing Press in Action


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