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African American History Knowledge Cards

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Discover and celebrate the accomplishments of African Americans and their roles in history with this deck of Knowledge Cards! These captivating cards highlight forty-eight African Americans across different occupations and interests with a vintage, portrait photograph on the back and educational text on the other to showcase their achievements and contributions. From globally recognized icons like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahalia Jackson, and Ida B. Wells to national heroes like Bessie Coleman, Matthew Henson, and Benjamin Banneker.

Part of our Civil Rights Collection, celebrate Black history month with these knowledge cards dedicated to generations of African Americans who triumphed over adversity after centuries of oppression.

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  • Visit the African Burial Ground National Monument in NY to learn of early African Americans
  • Published by Pomegranate
  • ISBN: 978-0—7649-0328-1
  • Profits support the National Park Service

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