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Robert E Lee Lapel Pin

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Robert Edward Lee was a career U.S. Army officer and the most celebrated general of the Confederate forces during the American Civil War. Lee was the son of Maj. Gen. Henry Lee III "Light Horse Harry", Governor of Virginia, and his second wife, Anne Hill Carter. When Virginia seceded from the Union in April of 1861, Lee chose to follow his home state. Lee's first field command for the Confederate States came in June 1862 when he took command of the Confederate forces in the East (which Lee himself renamed the "Army of Northern Virginia.") He continued with many successes for the Confederate Army. Later, barely escaping defeat at the Battle of Antietam in 1862, Lee was forced to return to the South. In early July 1863, Lee was decisively defeated at the Battle of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania. After Appomattox, Lee discouraged Southern dissenters from starting a guerrilla campaign to continue the war, and encouraged reconciliation between the North and South. This lapel pin commemorates the great figure of American history.

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