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Passport® Stamp Sets Without Book

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This set features all thirty-four (1986-2020) sets of the Passport To Your National Parks® annual regional stamp sets. These stamps are made exclusively for the Passport To Your National Parks® book.

Make your Passport To Your National Parks® book complete by including the annual commemorative stamp series. Each series includes nine regional stamps and one national stamp on one sheet. Simply detach the stamps and place them in the designated areas in your booklet.

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Customer Reviews

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Fascinating!, 13th Jan 2020

Reviewer: Lisa Cooper

What fun it is to put these stickers where they go in the book! Really, all it does is get my "wanna travel" hankering all cranked up into overdrive! It's great fun!

Perfect for the collector, 10th Jul 2018

Reviewer: Tom Rollins

I've been collecting passport stamps and cancellations for every National Park, Monument, Memorial, Battlefield, etc. that I've visited for years and this set is the perfect addition to my collection. It not only enhances my collection, but it's also motivation to see how many more I can get to. Thanks for the ease of the transaction and the timely delivery!

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National Park Stamp Sets, 15th Jun 2018

Reviewer: Elizabeth Luikart

I was pleased to find the entire collection of stamps available for purchase. I was able to select the pages that I was missing after purchasing some at National Parks this spring. They arrived within the time promised, and I now will be able to complete my book as we travel to the National Parks.

This is a great program, and I wish I would have started this when they first came out. I am noting the dates that we visited parks in the past, adding the stamp, and hoping that we will return for the official cancellation stamp in the future.

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Stamp Sets, 14th Jun 2018

Reviewer: Janice Lorge

It was great to be able to get all the past stamp sets to complete my Collectors Edition spots. Now on to visiting all!!

National Park Stamp sets, 18th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Linda Centorrino

I purchased sets I had been unable to find in park stores. It was great to get my Passport caught up. Now I have more stickers to include with my photos of the parks I have been too. It also let me see other parks I had not thought of or been aware of. A great incentive to see more parks!!
The stamps are beautiful, nice details and I like that there are more than one stamp for some parks. They don't peel that easily. If you are careful and separate at the perforation, they come off easier. But you have to be careful.
Highly recommend..

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Perfect!, 14th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Deborah Wickman

It was just what my Mother wanted!

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Great product, 14th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Lynn McCrystal

I love the stamps and pass port program!! Was real grateful to find all the stamps and show support for national parks. Had been copying the stamps and copies putting in my passport book because I've damaged more than one of my passport books hiking in the rain and such. Gave it 4 starts because on a collectors standpoint not all the stamps came in protective bags and hardbacking that has left some damage.

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Passport Stamp set without book, 4th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Mary Boller

I bought the whole set; wished I had checked all 3 books to see which ones I needed. I now have extra sets for several years, will try to find someone (locally)who is missing certain years!
It's really hard to find some of the older years at the parks, I understand the cost would be too much for the parks to keep all on hand. Having visited 20 parks in 2016 and looking at 24 next summer, I can match up the stamps with cancellations! Thank you.

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More places to go!, 11th Nov 2017

Reviewer: Bernic E Hoyle

I received my stamps (complete set) yesterday and have spent way too much time getting my passport book caught up. Most of the parks I've visited did not have the stamp in stock for the park I was in so I just did the cancellation stamp. I quickly filled up all spaces for the National Stamp and put a few in the back pages. It would be nice if the places in the National Stamps also had a regional stamp so I could add it where the cancellation is. The first few I placed were difficult to remove from the backing. Then I accidentally discovered each stamp has a line on the back and if you fold the stamp carefully along the line - the backing comes right off. I'm still missing a few stamps and look forward to checking each year to see if I can find them.

Passport® Stamp Set Without Book, 5th Nov 2017

Reviewer: Becky A Smith

The stamps themselves were excellent. I think it would have made the set if you would have included a few pages for each region official cancellation and stamp pages and a National stamp and cancellation page for each set.

New passport cutomer, 28th Oct 2017

Reviewer: Gail Bernier

Recently retired, now planning to visit the National Parks. I have my senior parks pass, now my passport book will help me plan visits! Great program!

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Excellent catchup starter set!, 12th Oct 2017

Reviewer: Raymond Yiu

I bought the Collector’s Edition Passport book recently. At first, I was concerned about not finding all the stamps from the previous years but this set went back all the way to the beginning of the series. Now I won’t need to worry about missing stamps from my collection.

About the stamps...they took a bit of effort to remove. You can’t just peel them like the USPS stamps. You have to rip all four edges to Free the stamp first. However, I liked it because it actually forces you to look and read the contents of the stamp. Highly recommended!

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