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Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery Hiking Medallion

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Assigned to explore the land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark famously headed up a group of volunteers from the United States Army as they embarked on their great journey. Over three years and 8,000 miles, the Corps of Discovery successfully mapped the newly acquired land and learned a great deal about the flora, fauna, and geologic features of the area.

Whether you're planning to hike 8,000 miles of unexplored land or simply revisiting a familiar stretch of trail, this hiking medallion makes an excellent addition to your hiking stick. Nail the maroon and gold emblem on your staff to remain inspired by the Corps of Discovery as you pursue your own adventures.

Product Details

  • 1.5'' diameter
  • Gently curved to easily fit rounded hiking sticks
  • Pre-drilled nail holes and included nails make application a breeze

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