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Green Glass Case Bottle

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This Piece is a Historical Reproduction

Take home a part of history when you purchase a green glass case bottle. Initially designed to pack tight and snugly in a box or case, our Green Glass Case Bottles are individually crafted without metals using glassblowing techniques from the Colonial era to duplicate the style and function. This is a historical reproduction of an artifact found in Jamestown and is on display in the Visitor Center Museum. As with all of our glassware products, case bottles are as fashionable as they are functional. The minimalistic shape will complement any interior scenery and can be used as a vase or standalone centerpiece.

 Green glass case bottles are individually made and may have slight irregularities but will contain the same Jamestown Glasshouse craftsmanship that has been preserved intime since the Colonial era.

Product Details

  • Approximately 9.5'' tall
  • Made in the USA
  • Profits support the National Parks Service
  • Wash with warm water
  • Do not put this item in a dishwasher or oven. It is temperature sensitive

Customer Reviews

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Green glass case bottle, 5th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Wayne Culbertson

It is a very nice bottle. Made well. I use them in revolutionary war reenacting.
Thanks Wayne

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