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ANP Homestead National Monument Magnet

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The Homestead Act was actually a number of different laws passed between the latter half of the 19th century and the early 20th century. These laws allowed U.S citizens, or those with the intent of becoming a citizen, to purchase western land at little to no cost, provided they farmed the land and lived on it for 5 years.

Today, novels like O Pioneers! and the Little House on the Prairie series, and Thomas Jefferson's concept of the independent farmer, have cemented the image of the homesteader into the American cultural consciousness.

The Homestead National Monument commemorates that westward expansion and the Jeffersonian idea of the yeoman farmer. Now you can too with this collectible.

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  • Patch measure 1.5” x 2.7”
  • Pin measures 28.5mm x 22.2mm

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