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History of our Flag Pin Set

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This set contains four detailed American Flag lapel pins, each with their own historical significance. Each of these flag pins features brilliant gold outlining and a glossy reflective shine that's sure to catch other's attention.

One of the earliest flag designs in American history, the Betsy Ross Flag consists of 13 stripes, and 13 stars arranged in a circle. This flag is highly symbolic of the 13 colonies that became the first 13 states.

The 34 star flag was created in 1861 by the admission of the state of Kansas into the Union as a Free State, and event that served as a preamble to the American Civil War.

Another flag from the 19th century, the 35 star flag was created when West Virginia was accepted into the Union in 1863. West Virginia split from the state of Virginia in 1861 in order to stay with the Union in the months before the Civil War.

We all know and love the 50 star flag, after all it's been the flag we've pledged allegiance to since 1960! The 50 star flag was created when Alaska and Hawaii joined the union during the Eisenhower administration!

This collection of lapel pins is great for adding some additional patriotism to your outfits. Whether you're heading out the door to a 4th of July BBQ, a Memorial Day parade, a formal event, or just to the VFW hall, these pins are a unique way to show your love of country!

Product Details

  • Contains 4 pins
  • Each pin approx 7/8'' x 1/2''

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