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Frederick Douglass: An American Life (DVD)

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An abolitionist and author, Frederick Douglass was born into slavery in 1818. After repeated failed escape attempts, Douglass finally escaped in 1838 and fled to the North. He became an orator, speaking against slavery and lecturing overseas, as well as a writer, producing abolitionist newspapers and several autobiographies that detailed his life as a slave. Valuing education, Douglass advocated for desegregation in schools and endeavored to educate himself. He died in 1895 of natural causes.

Frederick Douglass: An American Life is a documentary about the life of this famous abolitionist, speaker and author. The DVD also includes three bonus films: Longing to Learn: Booker T. Washington's Story, Booker T. Washington: The Life and the Legacy, and The Maggie Lena Walker Story.

Product Details

  • Running time for Frederick Douglass: An American Life: 32:50
  • Total Running time: 91 minutes
  • Produced by the Harpers Ferry Center

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