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Cobalt Wave Vase

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Surface waves occur in the upper layer of the ocean, usually the result of wind. This wave vase is the result of glassmaking craftsmanship dating back to 1608. Individually hand blown at the Jamestown Glasshouse in Virginia, just yards away from the historical site where colonists began the tradition of glassblowing, this captivating cobalt blue vase holds the allure of the ocean and will add beautiful hues to any floral arrangement.

Artisans hand blow glass at the reconstructed Jamestown Glasshouse, a few yards from the site where colonists first made glassware in1608. All Jamestown Glasshouse products are individually hand blown and no two items are identical.



  • Large measures approximately 11'' tall
  • Approximately 8'' wide
  • Made in the USA
  • Profits support the National Parks Service
  • Wash with warm water and soap
  • Do not put this item in a dishwasher or oven. It is temperature sensitive

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