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Fort Sumter National Monument Patch

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When the American Civil War finally erupted in Charleston Harbor, it was the result of a half-century of growing sectionalism. Underlying all the economic, social, and political crises was the volatile issue of slavery. Because its economic life had long depended on enslaved labor, South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union when its way of life was threatened.

Early on April 12, 1861, a mortar shell fired by Confederate forces from nearby Fort Johnson burst over Fort Sumter - igniting the Civil War. Two years later, Fort Sumter, then in Confederate hands, became the focus of a gallant defense in which Confederate soldiers kept Federal land and navel forces at bay for 587 days. Today Fort Sumter is a symbol of the war that redefined the nation and a monument to the soldiers, both North and South, who defended it.

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  • Visit the Fort Sumter National Monument to tour the Charleston Harbor
  • Custom patch by Hogeye exclusively for eParks
  • Embroidered patch approximately 3''x 3''
  • Profits support the National Park Service

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Fort Sumter National Monument Patch, 30th Sep 2019

Reviewer: Gail Sokol

I love this patch because it is very colorful and well made! I highly recommend it!

Fort Sumter National Monument, 28th May 2018

Reviewer: Lori Mobley

I am very pleased with this patch - high quality & design. Very colorful!

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